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Bio BB Field in North Texas
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Airsoft Combat Video CQB
FAA boldly holds claim to being the best place in Texas for Urban Airsoft. We are located in North Fort Worth.  If you are looking for an Urban Airsoft
Combat Playing Field then you have found the right place.  Our Street Fighting Airsoft Field is built on 19.25 Acres and with our 16 Building Multi Story
Compound, you are sure to get a Call of Duty style experience.  We raise the bar on MILSIM Airsoft with our Guide Wire Missile Launches and Battle Field
Smoke Screens.  We have plenty of parking and bathrooms on site.   Come have fun, play hard, keep it safe, and bring your friends to FAA.
Open Saturday Only: 8am-5pm
Admission Cost is $25
FAA is currently closed while we hunt for a new location.  
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